• Romanesque Church

    EsglesiaRomanesque building of the gothic transition with a unique portal of the School of Lleida.
    The extension of the XVIIth Century changed its orientation made the church higher, they also added a 40 meter high tower.

  • La Fontcalda

    FontcaldaGets the name from a source of water flowing at 28 degrees right on the left of the Canaletes River, not far from the sanctuary. These waters are chloride and calcium carbonate, magnesium sulfate and sodium chloride, this source is known as the "Source o...

  • Peace Monument

    Monument a la PauIn 1989 the group of survivors of the '41, on this 705 elevation, built this Peace Monument dedicated to all combatants of either side. Its location wants to preserve the wisdoml of men and put on there that there was a fratricidal war betwee...
  • Coll del Moro

    Coll del MoroThis site is composed by an Iberian settlement and a three sector necropolis.

  • Cooperativa Agrícola

    Cooperativa de Gandesa

    Modernist building that was built in 1919 by César Martinell.
    The main body of the building consists of 3 parallel rectangular vessels of different height to cover brick vaults l...
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Welcome to the Tourism Website of Gandesa
Saint Anthony Festivity


The "Sant Antoni" festivity is held on the 17th of January.

The tradition of the festival stems from the Middle Ages and in Gandesa since 1801 (there is a written proof in the book of the Saint Anthony Confraternity).

The main event of this festival is the harvesting of firewood by the Majorals through the streets of Gandesa accompanied by the Saint Anthony suckling pig, the "pubilles" and "hereus", the parsnips, the Giants and two donkeys that carry the Saint Anthony image. This wood is then auctioned on the main square along with the cake and the Saint Anthony "Rodot".

Formerly it is said that every year during this festivity the pig was raffled, the same that throughout the year was fed and raised by the Gandesa inhabitants. This is why the pig is the symbol of this festivity. Nowadays the pig is still very important (but in the form of a big-head).

Another act that has remained is the blessing of the animals in the Romanesque portal of the Archpriestal, afterwards the Saint Anthony cake is also blessed.

At the end of the pig raffle the "joys" of Saint Anthony are sang. These popular sayings or "coplas" of Saint Anthony are a very interesting popular literature example and the habit continued until the present day thanks to the popular "poets". This sayings change each year in order to adapt and criticize politic actions that might not like to thepeople.

To conclude the festival, the dances of the "dansada Gandesana" around the fire. The male dancers presented the female dancers with Saint Anthony cake, and the suckling pig gives candy to the dancers.

Photos courtesy of the cultural group "La Serena":

The origin of the name of Gandesa

The Iberian language word Gand before the Latino influence might seem to mean castle, haven, refuge.

Customer history-John B. Manya /

Cultural site of national interes-the church and jail

Declared a cultural site of national interest the church of the Assumption, the House of Old Town and making Gandesa


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